The Wood 'N' Menagerie

Hand crafted woodwork with various designs and ideas


This is a hobby which started when I was given a scroll saw for Christmas 2006, I had just built a workshop and was wondering what I could do to fill in my time and, from then on, things have really escalated.

I first started out selling to friends and family and they all said ‘you should sell your wares at craft shows’. When I did start attending craft shows the comments from the public were very pleasing, constantly complementing my work and saying that I should open a shop, well, maybe in the future.

I currently travel to craft fairs in the central belt of Scotland selling my wares. 

I am constantly changing the designs of the things that I make and, although there are a few popular lines which I make that I keep getting requests for, the majority of my products I only make a few of then move on to different themes. When I retire I would like Your browser may not support display of this take this up full time (I do not know if the wife will let me, I am sure she will have other plans).

I am now being invited to bigger and better craft fairs and the organisers are very keen on me doing more. 

undefinedSince being at craft fairs I have received commission work which I really enjoy doing as this gives the challenge I need to progress.  





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